Training Package Includes:

Self-Paced Online Training:  Access to dozens of Dr. Fraud Academies 100% online, self-paced courses. These courses range in length from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

Advanced tracking and reporting of training: Receive customized reports and analytics on user activity (attendance, time spent etc.) in training courses.

Training prompts: We will monitor, “chase” and remind employees who have not taken the appropriate training as outlined.

Live Courses: Access to quarterly, live, online sessions for trending topics such as AI, hot hacking, workshops and more.

Monthly Dr. Fraud hot tricks and trends: A monthly quick-hit email with the top cybertrends will be sent to all employees.

Quarterly Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter to review cybersecurity and awareness including current threats, vulnerabilities and best practices.

                                                                            Course List

  • Cybersecurity Foundation
    • What are the core elements of strong cybersecurity
  • Why do Hackers Hack?
  • Psychology of a Scam
  • Anatomy of a Phishing Attack
  • Social Engineering
    • How do they do it?
  • What do Hackers Want
  • Cybersecurity Hygiene
  • Share Aware and Social Media use
  • Case Studies—where have we lost

  • Password Vulnerabilities

  • Working from Home-threats from within

  • Wi-Fi and other “Public” Threats

  • Employees on the go-threats and vulnerabilities

  • Email and Internet usage.

  • Cybersecurity – Hot threats and trends—from AI, bots etc.