Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

There are many challenges organizations face with this role including:

  • Ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Lack available cybersecurity talent
  • Skyrocketing cybersecurity salaries
  • Limited operating budgets

HarborShield Managed Cybersecurity vCISO Program helps with these problems. Engaging as much, or as little as you want, our vCISO can be dedicated to scale to your needs. All without the usual headaches, and for less than the cost of retaining a full-time CISO.

Just because it’s flexible, doesn’t mean it’s lightweight. With our vCISO you get all the same expertise, services, and benefits of a seasoned, highly certified cybersecurity team and a CISO. Your cybersecurity risks will be addressed in the same manner as a full-time team, ensuring your business is secure and compliant.

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