Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

This engaging and interactive exercise typically lasts a half of day and is focused on the decision-making and communication strategies that are critical to any incident response. In a controlled environment, participants can truly experience what it is like to respond to a sophisticated cyber-attack, increasing their level of awareness and gauging their readiness to manage a cybersecurity incident. Participants typically discuss the actions they would take without necessarily implementing them. This highly customizable exercise typically presents the participants with several initial pieces of information related to the potential cybersecurity breach.

In the preparation of the exercise, organization-specific scenarios are created based on current threat intelligence. Throughout the session, the situation further unfolds, driven by the actions of the participants. Participants perform all, or the majority of the processes documented in the incident response plan. (Participants may discuss the actions they would take without necessarily implementing them.) The exercise is customized to the organization and their incident management plans and typically involves providing participants with a series of customized injects that challenge their ability to coordinate their response at both the strategic and tactical levels.

Plan Development

The best time to prepare for a cyber incident is before it happens

Tabletop Testing

Effective response & recovery requires a well-tested plan and a trained team of professionals with real- world scenarios


The incident response team needs to know what the plan is, how to follow it, and know it without referencing it during a real-world cyber incident

Response Services & Digital Forensics 24 x7

The incident response team needs to the expertise and resources to effectively respond to and manage an incident from escalation to resolution

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